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The Majesty of God's Law


This is the Bible's "bible" on the Laws and Statutes revealed by God to Moses and how it has been applied in modern times. These are the principles our founding fathers understood and helped frame our Constitution.

The Majesty of God's Law, written by W. Cleon Skousen.

Audio formats narrated by Harold D. Skousen and include the complete and unabridged narration of this 650 page book.

Beginning with the hosts of Israel, Dr. Skousen follows God's Law throughout history, showing the glory of those nations that embraced God's law fully, and the fate of those who rejected it. He relates how America's Founding Fathers embraced the principles of God's Law and recognized the liberties derived from them. He concludes with a startling revelation about the destiny of America and what will be necessary before God's law can be fully adopted by our nation.