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Meaning of the Atonement Bundle ($21.95 after discount)

Meaning of the Atonement Bundle ($21.95 after discount)

$21.95 $35.00

Here is our anytime Christmas Special.  This package includes the video, audio and book as Brother Skousen teaches the Atonement and it's deeper importance. During and after his mission to England in 1930, he was taught this doctrine by Elder John A. Widstoe (1872-1952), who was an Apostle, scientist and student of the Gospel. This is a cherished presentation on the essential foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands of copies of this talk have been bought or shared. You can watch it on the DVD or listen on the CD.

The included "A Gospel Trilogy" book goes into further detail about our progress through eternity; the source of God's power; the purpose of Christ's crucifiction; and how Heavenly Father values each one of us. This book also includes a transcript of his famous talk, "Meaning of the Atonement."