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Meaning of the Atonement Speech


This is the classic talk given by W. Cleon Skousen at the request of the Dallas Texas Mission President in December 1980. He speaks to these missionaries on the topic of the Saviors role in the creation and his crucifixion. Brother Skousen explains how Elder John A. Widstoe taught him these principles while serving his mission in Great Britain in 1932. He explains the great building blocks of the Universe: Intelligence and Matter.

All this discussion culminates in a wonderful perspective of the Savior's love for each of us; his sacrifice and atonement; and how important our eternal lives are to Him.

Brother Skousen recorded in his journal, "There was such a marvelous spirit at the conference that I felt impressed to speak on the Atonement instead of the Christmas Story. I spoke for an hour and twenty-five minutes and it was a beautiful experience for me. President Matheny had arranged to have the talk video-taped as well as recorded so I took the time to give scriptural references for everything I said so the missionaries could look up the passages for themselves."

Pictures and titles have been added to enhance the video presentation. 80 minutes.

More on this subject is available in Brother Skousen's book, "A Gospel Trilogy" which includes both a CD and a transcript of this talk.