W. Cleon Skousen Library
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Lectures on the Old Testament




For over 12 years Brother Skousen taught the Old Testament to thousands of students at Brigham Young University. This popular lecture series was recorded live in 1973-74, and is now available on CDs, Flash Drive or a Download. Our thanks to Dr. Roy and Rexene Robbins of Colorado, who recorded these lectures in 1973-74, and have made them available. Each recording has been digitally re-mastered and enhanced to include 46 classroom lectures; over 30 hours of Old Testament commentary and history.

From one of BYU's most popular teachers, you will hear:

  • The background and significance of the Creation
  • How the power of God works in the universe
  • Adam & Eve's mission on earth
  • The life of Abraham
  • Moses and his calling to lead the Israelites
  • Events of all the major ancient prophets, including:
    • The story of Jonah and the whale
    • Discussions on current events in the Middle East as they were happening
    • Updates on Church historical events in the 1970's
    • Testimony-building experiences of ancient Biblical prophets.
Through these recordings you will
learn and love the Old Testament!