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Isaiah Speaks to Modern Times



Isaiah is one of the most important books in the Bible. Hundreds of passages which have previously seemed obscure or confusing are treated with remarkable clarity and insight in this book.

Part I presents the incredible story of Isaiah himself. The reader not only becomes acquainted with the sensitive and scintillating personality of this prophet, but also discovers the unfolding of 2,700 years of kaleidoscopic future history as Isaiah saw it in prophetic vision.

Part II of this book makes a most unique contribution by presenting for the first time in this much detail, a comprehensive verse-by-verse commentary on the entire book of Isaiah. The reader may be surprised to learn how much of Isaiah's writings were devoted to prophecies concerning our day.


Brings Isaiah To Life

   I love this book on Isaiah for a couple reasons. First, in the front section you learn all about the man Isaiah and his life. It's a great history. But second, I love the verse-by-verse commentary. This second part of the book is structured with 2 columns per page with Isaiah's words on the left side and the interpretation in understandable English on the right. This is a great tool for teachers and for studying the profound words of Isaiah. I love it as a hardbound book because it can be kept for decades to reference. DM

   I love to read Brother Skousen's books. Isaiah isn't so difficult to understand if you know somewhat about the times in which he lived. This book makes good reference material. Karen

   What with one thing and another it took me a year to work through this book while annotating my scriptures. Holy cow, what a ride! Skousen comments on every single verse of Isaiah - really, every verse. He gives historical background, scholarly insight on translations (citing several other Bible scholars works) and, of course, spiritual insight. I learned so much from Isaiah and have such a profound appreciation for his words now; before he was lovely poetry sometimes and complete confusion the rest of the time. I have a lot more courage after studying Isaiah with Skousen. Terry

   This was an amazing reference book. It literally gives verse by verse explanation. I learned A TON by using this as a guide. Tom