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Favorite Speeches by W. Cleon Skousen


A compilation of 37 speeches by W. Cleon Skousen

Formats available:

CDs (37 individual talks)

Thumb Drive (all 37 talks)


You can also purchase each Volume individually or each speech individually.

Volume 1:

1. Meaning of the Atonement
2. Prophecy and Modern Times
3. Ancient Scriptures: Tool to Conversation
4. Gospel Principles for Our Youth
5. The Sermon on the Mount
6. The Old Testament Predicts Our Day
7. Building Balanced Children
8. The Ten Commandments
9. Secret to America's Strength
10. J. Edgar Hoover As I Knew Him
11. The Life of George Washington
12. What Is Left? What Is Right?

Volume 2:
1. Prophecy and the Constitution
2. Preparing for a New Century
3. The Life of J. Reuben Clark
4. The Life of Thomas Jefferson
5. The Real Story of Christmas (dramatized)
6. The Easter Story (dramatized)
7. The Naked Communist
8. God's Plan for America's Destiny
9. Keeping Up with the Church
10. School Prayer and the Constitution
11. God's Perfect Law of Liberty
12. The Majesty of God's Law

Volume 3
1. The Milk and Meat of the Gospel
2. Fantastic Victory
3. Building the Temple at Jerusalem
4. The Christmas Story
5. Wake Up America!
6. So You Want to Raise a Boy?
7. Beit Lehi and History of Jerusalem
8. Understanding the Law of Consecration
9. Celebrating Our Constitution
10. Jonah and the Whale
11. Drugs and the Word of Wisdom
12. Brigham Young, Patron to Education


What We Might Expect in the Next 25 Years